Is Social Media Marketing Still Worth It In 2021 (Live Q&A)

Is Social Media Marketing Still Worth It In 2021 (Live Q&A)

😱 Is Social Media Marketing Still Worth It In 2021? (SMMA 2021)

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πŸŽ‰ Happy New Year! To kickstart my Youtube channel in 2021 I’m hosting a live Q&A to help answer all your questions heading into the new year.

I’ll also be unveiling the new business that I have been working on in the latter stages of 2020.

In occasion of this I am giving away automatic enrolment to a FREE Facebook Ads course, that will teach any business owner how to create Facebook Ads for your business in 2021, without the need of a contractor.

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πŸ”Ή Answering a FAQ: Isn’t the concept of LearnAds counterproductive for social media marketing agency (SMMA) owners?

“In any market, there are different customer segments. Not all business owners want to run ads themselves, due to time constraints & lack of interest. No matter how easy we make Facebook ads for business owners, it’ll never take away from the fact there’s a huge portion of business owners who want a done for you service (to work with an agency).

We’re simply catering to all segments within the marketing space. In fact, this new business will act as an evergreen source of done for you leads for both our agency and successful agencies within the Academy, to whom we’ll be giving referrals.”

Oh, and existing Academy members get the pro Facebook training for FREE!


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10 thoughts on “Is Social Media Marketing Still Worth It In 2021 (Live Q&A)”

  1. Question if your are putting the ads control in the business owners hands and at that price will that make business owners think why would I pay an Agency when I can get the program and pay some one less and keep more of my money . Cause I spoke to a couple of business and they said why pay more when they can pay less to get results

  2. Your course is a scam. don't buy it. I bought it yesterday and could view all of the material now today when i log in it wont let me access the material anymore. Also the information and material it gives you to use for your own digital marketing is complete useless it is literally just basic sentence starters to use when talking to people and other bull shit. Don't waste your money on that stupid course.

  3. Amazing video, very informative. Due to the the…unique circumstances we're facing these years, attending university is becoming more and more of a hassle, when getting a degree was already not that useful (at least anymore) to begin with. I've reached the point that I'm even considering dropping out. Recently found out about this industry and it is truly fascinating! Will need further research to make my final decision however. This content helps out so much!

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