Jason Wardrop Review -He is a Scam and Ripoff – Ripoff Scam and Review of Jason Wardrop

Jason Wardrop Review -He is a Scam and Ripoff – Ripoff Scam and Review of Jason Wardrop

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10 thoughts on “Jason Wardrop Review -He is a Scam and Ripoff – Ripoff Scam and Review of Jason Wardrop”

  1. Yeah he's a real scammer. Though he claims a 30 days money back guarantee, but there is no way for buyers to claim this and he doesn't respond to any of my mails from last 3 days. I spent $7+$197 and there is no way to even get in touch with him through call or mail, he doesn't respond at all. An evading character! Moreover, he's also deleting my comments asking for refund in his youtube videos!!! Though he's responding to prospective subscribers who want to buy and get trapped. Such a dishonest person!

  2. And the worst part is that when you buy a basic course for $7, it stores all your card info without mentioning you to save it for future transaction. And in the basic course, there is one link named "unlock my full course", which I clicked to explore the details of it but it deducted my $197 with any confirmation or giving any course details. that link was put their to steal your money with a surprise. And he's evading like thief to avoid money back. It's very very frustrating!!!

  3. Yes, He gives away so much value and free courses as a lead magnet.

    You get a "taster of what his course is all about. Yet you seem to want everything for free?

    You are a freebie seeker then?

    Giving away free value or a lead magnet to sell a course is a common practice in the digital marketing world. But it seems you cannot grasp that idea because perhaps you are expecting everything for free? I actually can't believe you went out of your way to make this video calling him a scammer because Jason has offered so much free value in his Youtube videos and pieces of training, yet any sniff of him asking for payment…You call him a SCAMMER!

    Have you no shame?

    Do you not think he at least deserves some kind of compensation for all the free training and Youtube videos he publishes, not to mention putting up with PEOPLE WHO TRY TO ROB him like you!

  4. So if he’s a scam artist then why does he advertise go high level and other marketing tools instead of just advertising his own agency more than he does now? Remember something no one has a gun to your back to buy anything it’s the power of choice and need to learn more about him before you start naming him a scammer, A rip off artist or anything of that nature if he was really truly a scam artist he would only advertise his agency

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