Kyle Roof DEEP Interview [His BEST SEO Tactics]

Kyle Roof DEEP Interview [His BEST SEO Tactics]

Want to know the tactics the pros are using to rank their sites? In this interview with Kyle Roof, we deep dive into the SEO strategies and techniques he uses that leaves his competition in the dust. This interview is packed with SEO gold nuggets, so you don’t want to miss this…

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What we’ve discussed:
00:00 Introduction
01:15 Kyle’s Origin Story
08:00 How Kyle started SEO
13:43 What SEO looks like for Kyle today
20:35 Compound SEO
28:44 Siloing Technique
37:23 Onsite Optimization
48:57 Technical SEO Issues
53:32 Link Building
58:46 SEO Testing
1:05:13 Benefits of Networking
1:08:38 Chiang Mai

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11 thoughts on “Kyle Roof DEEP Interview [His BEST SEO Tactics]”

  1. Southern Comfort is the best whiskey until you massively over do it, get sick, survive the dry heaves and outlive the embarrassment you have from all the things you simply don't remember from the night before.
    Just the mention of it in this video made me mildly nauseous!

  2. As someone who just found out about this market yesterday… wow, so insightful, honest, approachable and digestible. I took so many notes and had several fears dissuaded. Definitely an industry that requires work and a good mindset, and videos like these help make the mindset part a breeze. Cheers!

  3. I struggle to find top affiliates in the nutra space not using this tactic now, with some paying up to $10,000 for the right placements on the 'perfect site'. Still surprised just how many affiliates keep finding new properties to publish on it looks like the publishers are just as keen as the affiliates to jump on the bandwagon and cash in on the opportunity.

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