Latest Record Label SCAM | YouTube Pop-Up Ads (Rant)

Latest Record Label SCAM | YouTube Pop-Up Ads (Rant)

Have you noticed all the new Pop-up ads on my videos? Here’s the story.








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10 thoughts on “Latest Record Label SCAM | YouTube Pop-Up Ads (Rant)”

  1. You should never respond to a youtube, facebook, twitter or any Big Tech advert because ~ 60% of adverts are scams or promoting fake products.

    Big Tech should be ashamed of themselves and should be financially responsible for all losses. If they can control what people say they should be able to validate the advertisements they promote and make money from.

    Real advertisers beware find a better platform to promote your brand as Big Tech has associated themselves as scammers and thieves.

  2. I use Brave web browser that has a builtin ad blocker and, it also stops trackers, too.

    I've been watching your videos since that past few days, I like your series: "What Makes This Song Great?" – The interviews you did with Peter Frampton, and Brian May, was really good. 🙂

  3. If they want to put ads in, they should put them outside the video, maybe directly below the video. The people behind Youtube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest of Big Tech are guilty of crimes against humanity and election fraud. They are as wicked as can be.

  4. I got two unskippable add at the beginning. This is a year after your post.

    I am so over YouTube commercials and the idea of them making money. They have moved into harassment of the viewers and creators to push the YouTube premium apps!

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