Linx’s 7 Figure Youtube Ads Optimization + Testing Process Broken Down!

Linx’s 7 Figure Youtube Ads Optimization + Testing Process Broken Down!

In this video we go deep into our Youtube Ads Optimization and testing process. GET A DEMO OF OUR YT ADS COURSE: />

00:00 Introduction.
00:33 The right way to do this.
00:58 The Campaign structure.
03:43 How to optimize your campaigns?
05:22 An Ideal Testing Scenario.
06:50 The $5 testing methodology.
08:38 What’s the benefit of this method?
10:23 More standard ways of testing.
11:33 The science of media buying.

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Linx focuses on video ads for YouTube Ads and has made a name for themselves focusing on clients who provide courses, info products, consulting and service offers as well as high ticket tangible goods. The Linx team has grown over the years and now comprised of a dozen full-time & part-time employees. All our staff goes through extensive media buying and data analysis training. If you want to get 2x-5x ROI on your Ads, request your free consultation here-

About this video:
In this video, we teach you how we test and optimize Youtube Ads, watch until the end to learn the process that has helped us generate 7 figures in sales.

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  1. @shash singh great content, to go from a campaign of 5 to 10 or 25 or more, do I have to duplicate the ad group in another campaign or is the increase made in the original campaign? Thanks for the reply.

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