Live SEO Audit #1 for a St Louis Roofer (2022)

Live SEO Audit #1 for a St Louis Roofer (2022)

In SEO audit #1, I’ll be analyzing a random roofer in St Louis.

You’ll learn:
– a lightning-fast way to gauge the size of the SEO opportunity
– many UX optimization techniques (that are often overlooked)
– how to build more topical authority… even on the local level

And so much more!

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10 thoughts on “Live SEO Audit #1 for a St Louis Roofer (2022)”

  1. I find myself nodding throughout the video presentation because I 100% AGREE with everything you pointed out. I'm an intermediate/expert in the SEO field and your site audit is 100% SPOT ON!!!
    Great video, Nathan!

  2. Hi Nathan, I know this one something that cannot be changed/optimized per se, but how does age of the website affect the search rankings? Must a website have decent age (1-year +) in order for it to have an opportunity to rank well if all other aspects are covered and optimized well? What are your general thoughts there? Thanks!

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