Local SEO Complete Guide For 2021 (Free Local SEO Checklist)

Local SEO Complete Guide For 2021 (Free Local SEO Checklist)

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[00:00:00] – Intro
[00:01:20] – Start with An Audit
[00:04:24] – Do Research by Going Through the Checklist (Eyeball Audit)
[00:08:20] – Check For Keywords
[00:11:22] – Check for Google Analytics on their Website
[00:11:58] – Contact Client to Inform About Possible Issues
[00:14:26] – Things to Know about Ranking a Website Locally
[00:19:30] – How To Make Sure You Have Analytics and Conversion Tracking Set Up
[00:20:43] – Other Things to Look At (Surfer, Internal Linking, Etc.)
[00:27:42] – GPT-3 Written Content
[00:28:40] – Building Keywords
[00:31:05] – GMB and Local
[00:35:17] – Outro

11 thoughts on “Local SEO Complete Guide For 2021 (Free Local SEO Checklist)”

  1. Hey Chase you mentioned at 23:51 of your video that Brian Dean and Neil have gray backgrounds with their CTA above the fold. My question is on your hero images, does having a solid color background instead of a picture background with H1 over the top make any difference for that pages ranking?

  2. Thank you for the great content. Honestly some of the most useful and practical videos I’ve seen on YouTube and not just straight plugs for your company like a lot of other channels. Love the fact you didn’t edit out the part where shein ranker was acting up. Just for that reason alone It makes me want to purchase your tool in support of the channel. Happy SEO’n

  3. Hi Chase, could you do a video on what a cold call to a business that you want to offer seo services to in real time? I know you've provided tips on what to say, but I think it would be immensely helpful to hear a real-time phone call between you and a new client.

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