Local SEO Search Engine Optimization – Google My Business Maps Audits

Local SEO Search Engine Optimization – Google My Business Maps Audits

Local Search Engine Optimization Google My Business Maps Audits

In today’s video we will be covering local search engine optimization audit along with Google my business and Google business profile audits to help you achieve higher rankings on Google Maps. I brought a white hat guest on in order to give multiple perspectives that can help your local search engine optimization and your Google my business Google business profile Maps rankings.

We will cover as many sites as possible throughout today’s video if you have any future questions related to local search engine optimization, Google my business optimization, or Google Maps as well please feel free to go ahead and ask below.
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  2. Hi Chris, Great to see you! I am building out location pages. I am writing unique content for each but I would like to use the same keywords in them. Would it be duplication of keywords if I used the same keywords on each page, but with their geo modifier added on?

  3. Chris that question came up in your broadcast. I still want to do the location pages followed up with geo-based citations pointing to each of these service pages – thank you. Your information is invaluable. Its a sound investment to listen to it.

  4. Chris,

    Can u please do a few examples of local services pages. 🙏. How we can avoid duplicate content and cannibalisation?

    A video like that would be great 👍

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