MANAGEMENT CONSULTING PRESENTATION – How consulting firms create slide presentations (Ex-McKinsey)

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING PRESENTATION – How consulting firms create slide presentations (Ex-McKinsey)

Top management consulting firms such as McKinsey, BCG or Bain use special techniques to create their PowerPoint slide presentations. In this video, I give you an overview into the most commonly used slide design principles that MBB consulting firms use. It covers frequently used PowerPoint slide elements such as callouts, bubbles, waterfall charts, structure elements, clotheslines, takeaway boxes and much more. Drawing from my 6 years of experience having worked at McKinsey, I show you what MBB consulting firms (McK, BCG, Bain) teach their rookies in their onboarding programs. Learn management consulting presentation skills by understanding the consulting presentation examples I show you. These strategy consulting PowerPoint presentation examples will help you understand how McKinsey PowerPoint slides look like (or those of other management consulting firms). Improve your slide presentation skills: Learn to create consulting PowerPoint presentations and learn to work with PowerPoint! Slide writing is one of the key skills to master as consultant.

00:00 Introduction
02:34 Slide Writing Course
03:11 Basic slide elements
05:02 Action titles
05:40 Creation of charts
06:44 Waterfall charts
09:05 Callouts
10:03 Stickers
14:04 Takeaway box
14:41 Bubbles
16:49 Number circles
19:02 Clotheslines
20:13 Structure elements
22:22 Wrap-up

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9 thoughts on “MANAGEMENT CONSULTING PRESENTATION – How consulting firms create slide presentations (Ex-McKinsey)”

  1. Hi Heinrich, thank you so much for the great videa. A question, what's teh difference between a takeaway box and the action title? Under what circumstances would you use teh takeaway box?

  2. Love the enthusiasm! excellent points on the ppt building, I would only add one – build a proper template that will be used throughout a company. This is what I have learned from my experience in consulting… I spent 1-month building it for everyone to use, it saved us a lot of time when building PPT.

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