Manual CPC to be REMOVED… on Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising) First…

Manual CPC to be REMOVED… on Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising) First…

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In the past I have spoken about how Google Ads may end manual CPC

Which would be a huge move as the whole premise of PPC started as “tell us the most you’re willing to pay for a click”

Which gave advertisers control. But since then Google’s focus has been on larger advertisers with a lot of budget and conversion data

Who benefit the most from smart bidding, where as low volume smaller advertisers don’t

So are Google Ads going to end manual CPC? Well I think it may happen sooner than you think, but why?

Well that’s because Bing have announced that they are going to scrap manual CPC and migrate all advertisers on to ECPC by default

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10 thoughts on “Manual CPC to be REMOVED… on Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising) First…”

  1. Daaaammmnnn! Instead of improving their service and fixing their issues and bugs (like charging twice for the same click ID's) they are looking for ways to suck out more money from small ad buyers!!!

  2. Big news. Thanks.
    May be they will get rid of search terms in future completely😄
    Google may be next. So if manual cpc is gone.
    Is is better to use target cpa.
    I currently use manual cpc with enhanced cpc selected as checckmark

  3. Isn’t enhanced cpc only selectable with manual cpc with checkmark? If manual cpc will be gone in future than there may not be an option to select enhanced cpc. We may have to choose target cpa or any other automated bidding strategy

  4. I tried to explain to a rep one day at Google how Google is the best cash cow generator, she said they would never do that. These advertising platforms are literally pure theft. You can never vouch for a click, do you not think that if Google thinks their revenue is falling & investors are getting wary they would never just maybe give them 50 mil+ customers 1 extra click from a bot to charge them to boost revenue? Do the maths, If I can think like this, then they have already been doing it. I am not complaining but these days there are far better options than google or bing out there.

  5. This is very depressing to hear … why do you think that abandoning micro advertisers (like me sigh …) should be left behind? Why not benefit from big and small advertisers. I want to bang my head on the nearest wall after this news man …

  6. Absolutely outrageous, it's just a way for them to jack up your bids without your approval, and without any transparency on their part. We're supposed to just take their word for it that whatever's going on behind the scenes isn't rigged?

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