Microsoft Ads: How to Create a Remarketing Audience

Microsoft Ads: How to Create a Remarketing Audience

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***I misspoke the ‘bid only’ and ‘target and bid’ as I was recording the video. Please simply exchange the information about the two of them in the video – ‘bid only’ means any ONE criteria can be met for the ad to show. ‘target and bid’ means ALL criteria have to be met for the ad to show.***

Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to setup the remarketing tag on your website from Bing Ads – this is a very important element in your advertisements as most people do not buy their first time – it will take a few times for them to see your ad and get acquainted with your product before they make the final decision to buy.

Our first step is to login to our Bing Ads account and go to ‘shared library’ at the bottom left of your screen and then click on ‘audiences’. From here on, we will say ‘create remarketing list’ and we can now just fill in the blanks to have everything done.

First of all we will need to input a name for our remarketing. Make this relevant to your campaign as you will have tons of remarketing lists later on and you want to make sure you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for.

Next we need to select what the remarketing audience is. Are they people who have visited your site but not other parts of your page? You can include or exclude URL’s here to fine-tune your audience, such as by targeting people who visited your sales page x ONLY and not sales page y, etc… Just like in the previous video, I would exclude the ‘www’ or ‘http’ as you would then limit yourself to people only typing in those prefixes.

For the membership duration, that is basically the amount of time the cookie will stay on the visitors’ browser. If you set your duration to 90 days for example and a visitor lands on your site once within that 90 day period, they will stay on that list for 90 days. If you set the duration to 1 day, visitors who land on your site(s) will stay on your list for 1 day and then no longer be on your remarketing list. This is something you would need to adjust depending on your business – are you selling small items like pencils, or large items like houses? You may not want to have someone on your remarketing list for 90 days who is looking to buy pencils as they would then be irrelevant prospects – if you want to buy a pencil, chances are you will buy it either today or tomorrow. Compare this with buying a house where the purchase time is far longer, requiring weeks or months before the decision and purchase can be made. For this, you may want to set your membership duration to 90 days (which is the maximum).

After you select your UET tag that corresponds to this list (basically the code that you input on the pages), your remarketing list is now complete. In order to actually target people now that are in your list, you will need to go the ‘audience’ tab, click on ‘create association’, and ‘add targeting’. Simply select the name of the remarketing list you just created and select either ‘target and bid’ or ‘bid only’ and you should be good to go!

In relation to the remarketing list, if you type in ‘bid only’, then anyone on your remarketing list typing anything into Bing search could see your ad. This could be bad or good, since it reminds the customer of your product. But at the same time, if the customer didn’t type in your keyword, it is possible he lost interest in your product entirely anyway, and that ad showing to him could be a wasted click.

Click save and…

That’s it! You should now see traffic coming in from people in your remarketing list.

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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  1. I feel this is incorrect. Under the New Remarketing List page you need to select "Whom to add your audience: Visitor of a page who did not visit another page". From there you add your 'sales page' and the second field you add your 'thank you' page. Is this right? Correct me if I'm wrong.

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