Microsoft Ads: How to Split Test Your Ads

Microsoft Ads: How to Split Test Your Ads

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How is this different from Google AdWords split testing?: 0:14

Where to download Bing Ads Editor: 1:11

How to implement the split testing within the Bing Editor: 2:21


In this video, I show you how to split test/AB Bing Ads. This is slightly different than the split testing we did in Google AdWords because we can’t simply copy and paste campaigns/ad groups/ads – we need to install Bing Ads Editor (which we can then use offline to implement the changes), make the changes and duplications there, and then just post our results to the online version.

So our first step would be to login to our Bing account and under ‘tools’, select the ‘Bing Ads Editor’. Follow the process to install the Editor and then open it. You would have to select the account you want to open in the offline mode before you can start working on it.

After you do that, you can simply copy and paste the necessary campaigns/ad groups/ads you want. Before you are able to click ‘post’ to actually post the changes to your online Bing account, you will need to make sure the names of all your campaigns/ad groups/ads are different, otherwise the system will not recognize that changes were made and will not allow you to save.

So copy and paste the groups, make the changes, rename them, and post, and you should be good to go with your split/AB testing in Bing Ads!

That’s it!

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft Ads: How to Split Test Your Ads”

  1. Question for you: Do you know if Bing Ads Editor is available for/on a Chromebook platform? I can't find any sort of compatibility… If not, I'm assuming I would just need to manually copy/paste my original ad and monitor that way. Thanks in advance!

  2. Im subscribe to your channel. But you rush in this video to fast. I'm still confused. Even if you split tested it. I don't see you talking about how to split testing it correctly… How to get rid of a ad group or how to keep ad group. Etc. I'm sure it goes into dept. It been 3 years since I mess with it. Yet I never really learn how to do it correctly. Still left in the dark on this.

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