My #1 Tip to Increase Your Productivity by 3x

My #1 Tip to Increase Your Productivity by 3x

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HIre a VA

Want to know the most important thing I have done for my business? Hiring a VA. VA’s have TRIPLED my productivity and cost close to nothing to hire!

When you hire a VA, you triple your productivity for three different reasons:

Time Wasting Tasks

When hiring a VA, you’ll find yourself choosing which tasks you would give them and which tasks you would keep doing yourself. Then you find out that there are tasks where you wouldn’t pay someone $2-$3 an hour. So why are you doing it? Realizing these tasks and stopping it would save you a lot of time and money.

Better Systems

When you’re giving tasks, you’ll have to explain to them how to do them. What I personally do, is I do screen recordings to explain it better. Other people have different methods such as typing out step by step how to complete a task. As you’re explaining the steps, you’ll realize that there are certain steps that aren’t necessary. If they aren’t necessary, they could also be automated by a program like Zapier, IFTTT, MailChimp, and Google Script.

They’re Better Than You

It’s hard to believe, but there are people who are better than you at specific tasks, and they’re for hire. As a business owner, you’re not supposed to be an expert at every task. You need to know what tasks to delegate and who to delegate to. My VA, Dan, edits my videos for me. He can do tasks that would take me ten hours in just two hours. I have my VA’s edit videos, respond to emails, do social media work, and write blog posts.

By delegating tasks to your VA’s, your brain just works better. You don’t have to learn everything for every task, you’ll be able to be the commander of your business.


Tools I recommend:
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HIre a VA

3 Steps on Hiring a VA:
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  1. Outsourcing is the integral part of our lives because it's difficult to find qualitative specialists in one region. Especially, for simple tasks you need to pay the American salary. Go to upwork or fiverr or any other similar platforms. There are a lot of specialists including virtual assistants. You don't need to create a working place and pay taxes ))

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