My First Ecommerce Business – The Honest Results

My First Ecommerce Business – The Honest Results

My first e-commerce shopify business has done over $3,000,000 in sales and I share everything about it in this video!

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How I created a $1M Amazon FBA Business:

Shopify Vs. Amazon and Other Ecom Platforms:

0:00 Intro
0:19 Not Understanding Numbers
4:17 How I Started?
8:07 New Amazon FBA Business
10:02 3 Biggest Mistakes


Tools I recommend:
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  2. "Too many SKUs" 100% agree!! When I started my first ecom store 3 years ago, I got over 50 items and each items I got 5 sizes for them. Because I didn't know which items or sizes would be popular, I just bought each SKUs a MOQ. Some items were hot while some items (sizes) were extremely slowing moving. It's so frustrated deal with the slowing moving stock that couldn't sell (even discount them).

  3. I just launched my product, I am indexed on all kws, but I don't appear anywhere on the top 7 pages. I want to do SFB to help the launching but how to put the people to search for my product because I don't appear on kws. To start ppc with those kws and to put the people to buy from ppc, or to put the people to search after kw + brand name and to buy or to use the canonical url to buy? I am asking what to do for 2-3-4 days until I start to appear organic on kws

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