NATHAN CHAN – Gettin’ Chatty With Platty #3

NATHAN CHAN – Gettin’ Chatty With Platty #3

👥 Nathan Chan – Gettin’ Chatty With Platty #3

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Welcome back to the third episode of the “Gettin’ Chatty With Platty” podcast, today I am joined by Nathan Chan, the CEO of Foundr, a global media and education company that produces magazines, books and online courses for entrepreneurs.

Millions of people consume Foundr’s content every month, and their magazine covers have been blessed by the likes of Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban, Jack Dorsey and many more.

Nathan and his team have also been apart of the disrupted media industry and know what it takes to create a top-ranking magazine and fast growth online media and education company.


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9 thoughts on “NATHAN CHAN – Gettin’ Chatty With Platty #3”

  1. I hope you guys enjoy the 3rd episode of the "Gettin' Chatty With Platty" podcast. I would like to quickly mention that I am still in the process of getting the podcast verified on Apple Music, Spotify and other audio-based platforms. Hopefully, both Ep1, Ep2 & Ep3 will be uploaded on them very, very soon! Still having a few technical issues on that front. Thank you all for being so patient!

  2. Good stuff Jordan! Thanks for the series bro. Always working hard to give us great content! Always inspired.
    I just started uploading weekly videos on my channel. Please support guys! Thanks fam!

  3. I love this interview. I feel like entrepreneurial success is more based on drive & hustle then past accomplishments or grades. I have a similar YouTube Channel.  We teach sales & marketing strategies to small business owners, entrepreneurs and startups.  We always welcome feedback, if you like what you see please subscribe and join the Whynot Results Family.

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