Other Ways (Than Google, Facebook, Bing Ads) to Promote Your Products Online

Other Ways (Than Google, Facebook, Bing Ads) to Promote Your Products Online

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Hey all!

In this video, I show you some alternative ways to promote your products online other than just using Google, Bing, and Facebook ads.

Truth is, we can sometimes get so focused on these ‘main’ ways of promoting online, that we forget that there are other methods we can use to make some money.

I myself use Google and Bing extensively, but sometimes it may be beneficial to change the scene up a bit and go through some ‘non-traditional’ ways. This will allow you to make some quick money if successful, but may also stay for the long-term depending on the type of agreement you enter with the owners.

Keep in mind these two methods I show are only two methods – there are millions of ways to make money online and I just went into a bit more detail for these ones. But the point is, keep your mind open and don’t necessarily think that if you can’t sell on Google or Facebook, you can’t sell anything online.

So let’s go over the first way I show – contacting blog/site owners with a request to either publish a post with your affiliate links, or directly email their subscriber list.

This is especially useful if you are targeting a very small niche and find a blog that is specifically tailored to that niche. All you would have to do is send an email out to people interested in that blog with your offer, and you will get some super high-quality leads.

So what you can do is email the owner of that site/blog with a request to either put up a ‘guest post’, or if they can send out your email to their subscribers. You would of course need to pay to do that, but the costs may be far lower than those on Google or Facebook if done correctly.

Some owners may say no, and some may say yes, so keep emailing every owner from every good site/blog you find, and keep an excel list open with everyone you contacted. Make sure to read up the information for some blogs to make sure they don’t disallow such requests as yours, you don’t want to get on their bad side right away!

The other way to promote that I briefly discuss in this video is contacting YouTube video owners and asking them if they can put up your site on their YouTube video in the description. Many YouTubers are making a ton of money promoting their products through the affiliate links on their videos – if you can get some of those successful videos to have your affiliate links up instead, you may have hit the jackpot!

Simply look for the email of the YouTube video owner and contact them, asking if they would be ok with $xx per week in exchange for them keeping up your affiliate link on their YouTube video. Just as with the blogs/sites, keep a list handy to keep track of everyone you contacted, so you know what sources worked and what didn’t, and so you don’t contact the same people over and over again.

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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