Oura Ring 3 Long Term Review – I Made A Mistake.

Oura Ring 3 Long Term Review – I Made A Mistake.

After wearing the Oura Ring 3 daily for 90 days, I think I made a mistake buying this smart ring. There’s a number of serious pitfalls with this sleep and fitness tracker, but to be fair, there are many positives too. So, here’s my honest review of the Oura Ring 3. Enjoy!

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0:00 – Oura Ring 3
00:51 – Pricing & Membership Fee
1:42 – New Features
3:18 – Ring Design
4:30 – Battery Life
5:14 – Oura App
6:16 – Tracking Accuracy
7:12 – My Recommendation


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Oura Ring 3 Long Term Review – I Made A Mistake.
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10 thoughts on “Oura Ring 3 Long Term Review – I Made A Mistake.”

  1. Thanks for review. I had hoped the oura 3 would fix the issues of the past version. I guess I will have to wait for the 4. Paying Subscription sucks, stick with my watch to track my sleep

  2. I just checked the BBB website and while Oura (US office in San Francisco) is not accredited, there are nonetheless 78 customer complaints filed. Unsurprisingly, the company has an overall “F” rating. As I mentioned in my earlier comment, Oura ring customer service is absolutely horrible, but if you do need service, your best recourse may be to submit a BBB complaint. Only 1 of the 78 complaints were resolved. A class action lawsuit is probably warranted at this point given how bad their business practices are.

  3. Is it possible to use the ring without the app if i just use the apple health app?
    I couldnt care about the app and just want to be able to track in the health app and wear my mechanical watch

  4. What ??? ,,, A subscription to use the device that I paid for??? ,,, So funny. I was thinking to buy one but no thank you I don't want to own it.

  5. I had the Whoop strap for 6 months; I Loved everything about it except the subscription fee. Which was enough for me to not renew. I have long considered getting the Oura Ring because there was no subscription fee. Not now! At least with Whoop they give you the strap for free. Oura has got some nerve charging full price for the ring on top of a subscription fee.

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