Overcoming Sales Objections – How to Handle Sales Objections CORRECTLY!

Overcoming Sales Objections – How to Handle Sales Objections CORRECTLY!

🤑 Objection Handling – How to Overcome Sales Objections CORRECTLY!

Want to close more sales? Mastering your objection handling strategy will no doubt 10X your close rate, but also increase your confidence when cold calling or when in sales meetings.

In this week’s sales training video, I cover the most common sales objections, complimented with the best answers to improve your techniques when closing the sale.

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☆ Time Stamps ☆
0:00 How to Master Common Sales Objections (Intro)
0:47 The 5 Sales Objection Categories
1:48 How to Overcome Pricing Objections
3:44 How to Overcome Competition Objections
5:51 How to Overcome Buying Ability Objections
7:07 How to Overcome Compatibility Objections
8:51 How to Overcome Dismissal Objections
12:23 How to Master Common Sales Objections (Summary)

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