Passive Income: How I Make $35,000 A Month

Passive Income: How I Make $35,000 A Month

In this video, I will show you how I earn roughly $35,000 a month in passive income

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10 thoughts on “Passive Income: How I Make $35,000 A Month”

  1. I'm calling BS on this. 6:03 yup, I knew it. Basically you're saying "get youtube views and get money"….*sigh* dude, you don't realize this, but you are very very very very lucky. You put hard work into making your videos, I can tell just by watching a couple of them. You have helpful videos that you put together and it's not easy. But do you have any idea how many people are putting out the same level of content as you but are sitting at maybe 5k subscribers? If THEY'RE even THAT lucky? You don't and you wouldn't because they aren't pushed because they aren't lucky. Hard work and quality content alone isn't enough unfortunately. It's frustrating, but true. You just got lucky. That's literally what happens with all the channels that gain good growth. Luck.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind and amazing videos for free specially to people like me, I'm a mother of four kids, I live in las Vegas, NV I work in casino for the las 25 years and I don't have a future or legacy for my kids no matter how hard I work they don't appreciate.
    God bless you for this helps 🙏

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