Path Exploration in Google Analytics 4 (practical examples and 4 ideas) || Path Analysis

Path Exploration in Google Analytics 4 (practical examples and 4 ideas) || Path Analysis

Learn how to use Path Exploration reports in Google Analytics 4 and see what your users do and how they behave on a website.

UPDATE: Path Analysis is now called Path Exploration. You can find it by clicking EXPLORE on the left sidebar of GA4.

These new reports are an alternative to behavioral flow and goal flow reports in Universal Analytics (GA3)

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00:00 – Intro
01:07 – Interface of Path Analysis
08:33 – Examples of Path Analysis
16:46 – Additional Tips
18:38 – 4 ideas for Path Analysis
20:57 – Final words


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10 thoughts on “Path Exploration in Google Analytics 4 (practical examples and 4 ideas) || Path Analysis”

  1. All your videos are so helpful for me. I just start a job in a digital marketing as trainee and i watching your videos for better understanding . Thank you great job!!!

  2. Hey there, I have same frustration level as you when it come to lack of path names for steps in path explorer. I have an idea which might works on my side so I will be able to work around it. Could you share you thoughts about it?

    My idea was to use 'Create Event' or 'Modify Event' in GA4 for page_view to split this event by all my possible routes. So instead of page_view I will have other events like dashboard_page_view, landing_page_view, settings_page_view etc. Because its a SPA there is limited number of routes which I need to recreate by create/modify event. I think its beneficial to do a create event instead of modify, because we do not lost data from the past, if the google improve the experience in the advance analytics, and we can filter it out from making funnels.

  3. couldnt agree with you more in regards to page path missing from the event type drop down. Certainly for single page web apps page titles are rarely maintained by developers to provide meaningful insight. Asking them to do it though is always going to be an uphill struggle, because they will always maintain that this information is available in page path (right fully so). Given it was accessible in GA UA, but not in GA4 is a big gap. Im quite surprised to see the GA UA sunset announcement before this has been added to be honest.

  4. You mentioned you would talk about another method for doing a wildcard type math of events later in the video, but later in the video you just show making a segment and again having to select and exact event name. Do you have any other recommendations, or did I miss something, where we can use a regex or wildcard type match condition to include only events starting with something like cart_* ?

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