Prepare your Business Presentations – Tips from Strategy Consultant

Prepare your Business Presentations – Tips from Strategy Consultant

Do you know how to prepare your business presentations? In this video, a former strategy consultant shares key insights into preparing business presentations in consulting and corporate. In consulting, e.g. MBB firms such as McKinsey, BCG or Bain, presentations play a key role. How you prepare your consulting presentations will be key to build consulting skills and communication skills. Consulting-style presentations and slide writing are important for management consulting presentations. Learn how consultants make slides and how to become a consultant. Prepare your presentation the right way, including the board room, audio set-up and microphones you work with! This video contains key presentation tips for strategy consulting.

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00:00 Introduction
01:02 Mindset of the professional
02:33 Preparing the room
04:58 What to always carry with you
07:00 Tips for online meetings
09:40 Key differentiating factor
11:21 Additional thoughts

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9 thoughts on “Prepare your Business Presentations – Tips from Strategy Consultant”

  1. Heinrich, as a subscriber, I appreciate your videos, but during this one I wondered how your experience as a strategy consultant adds to the value. The points you rightfully make in this video are by no means expert advice, they constitute the basics of the basics.

  2. Good tips! Poor audio and light in video conferences are a frequent problem just cause they haven’t watched firm learning πŸ™‚ Otherwise the key mission is to avoid too loud snoring in the audience during your presentation.

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