Q&A – SMMA Outsourcing & Automation (Best Practices)

Q&A – SMMA Outsourcing & Automation (Best Practices)

👨🏼‍💻 SMMA Outsourcing & Automation (Best Practices)

Once again I took to Instagram and uploaded another IG Story for you guys to ask me anything and everything.

In today’s video, I cover a ton of your SMMA automation questions, specifically how to outsource SMMA in 2021.

If you want me to do more in-depth Q&A’s here on my Youtube channel in the future, let me know down in the comment section!

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☆ Time Stamps ☆

00:00​ – Instagram Q&A (Intro – Featuring Luna)
00:22 – Should You Start An SMMA or An Ecom Brand In 2021?
02:24 – Who Taught Me (Jordan Platten) SMMA?
03:28 – Will SMMA Become Too Saturated In A Few Years Time?
04:49 – How Important Has My Personal Brand Been To My Agency Success?
06:22 – Why Do I Not Live The Digital Nomad Lifestyle?
07:59 – What Camera Do I Use To Record Youtube Videos?
08:56 – Why People Lack Motivation When Starting SMMA
10:52 – What Was My Work Ethic Like When I First Started My SMMA?
12:34 – When Did I Build My First SMMA Website?
14:28 – What’s More Important SEO or Social Ads For Agency Growth?
15:19 – My Future SMMA Goals
16:38 – How To Expand From Freelancer To Agency Owner?
18:03 – Can Someone Completly Automate Their SMMA?
18:52 – Should You Outsource Facebook Ads As A SMMA Beginner?
19:35 – Should You Use Unlimited Graphic Design & Editing Websites?
20:48 – Conversion Campaign or Traffic Campaign For New Brands Which Is Better?
21:04 – Will LearnAds.io Launch an Instagram Ads Course In The Future?

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10 thoughts on “Q&A – SMMA Outsourcing & Automation (Best Practices)”

  1. Hi Jordan, I'm only 16 and I already have a website for my SMMA, but the problem is that business owners will think im joking with them if i say i own the agency and they wont talk to me like a normal person. I need help please.

  2. Jordan or SMMA owners…do you offer organic daily posts too? I know ad service fees and budgets. But most people I find say they want 4-5 daily posts on their feeds too. How/what do you charge for that service? Curious how everyone else is doing it.

  3. Lots of gems in here, love it. You mentioned that as a beginner you'd suggest managing Facebook Ads yourself, but what if you don't really understand them even after watching numerous videos on it. This is my case, so what I've done is I've found a media buyer who can run the ads for me, before I've found a client, so now I'm focusing on outreach to land my first client, and once I have, my media buyer will fulfil their required service. Is that fine or am I playing with fire there?

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