Quick start MailerLite tutorial – How to start sending your first newsletter

Quick start MailerLite tutorial – How to start sending your first newsletter

This tutorial is for MailerLite Classic. Watch the tutorial for the new MailerLite: https://youtu.be/feXN5a-gveE


We made it super easy for you to create your first newsletter. In this tutorial, we will show you how to get started using our powerful drag and drop editor and send your first email campaign.

0:00-0:21 Introduction
0:21-0:55 Create a campaign
0:55-1:06 Use the Drag & drop editor
1:06-1:30 Delete blocks
1:30-1:50 Add blocks
1:50-2:00 Edit a button block
2:00-2:56 Add an image using the File manager
2:56-3:28 Edit a text block
3:28-3:37 Edit a social media block
3:37-3:55 Modify a footer block
3:55-4:22 Modify global settings
4:22-4:40 Modify individual block settings
4:40-4:52 Review edit history
4:52-5:04 Use the Rich-text editor
5:04-5:18 Change the text formatting
5:18-5:32 Add and drag blocks
5:32-5:38 Save Drag & drop newsletter as a template
5:38-5:59 Preview campaign
5:59-6:05 Send test email
6:05-6:21 Choose recipients
6:21-6:31 Review and confirm the campaign
6:31-7:31 Schedule the campaign

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6 thoughts on “Quick start MailerLite tutorial – How to start sending your first newsletter”

  1. I tried doing it but the site is really slow and buggy lol. It wouldnt change font colors and stuff wouldnt load or disapear. It's not very user friendly anymore. It used to be easy and offered a bunch of templates for you for free but this seems to be the only template and it stinks in my opinion.

  2. AT minute 4:55 she switches over from drag and drop editor to rich text editor. MY QUESTION is HOW did she get there from drag and drop editor? Right now it seems like i have to choose one of the editors. How do i switch between them like she did on the video? thanks!

  3. once choosen the drag n drop editor , you cant go back to change into richtext after made the second step, …. that sucks!
    The Edit Content section already saved your settings, …thats stupid in my opinion, …since there is no intuitive grafical layout its hard to do and create this way if you have not studiet it for two years…..

    NOPE after tried many variations, …seems that i have to start from scratch :-/

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