Quickest Way to Make Money Online With ClickBank (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Quickest Way to Make Money Online With ClickBank (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Want to make money with ClickBank quickly? Watch behind my shoulder as I teach you the quickest way to make money online with ClickBank.

This is a step-by-step tutorial so just watch behind my shoulder as I show you every step of the way.

Here is what we have in our agenda for today:

0:00 – Introduction
0:46 – Select a ClickBank product
5:31 – Create a tracking link
8:14 – Create a Microsoft ad

Let’s quickly go through them step by step and see what we have to do.

Step 1: Select a ClickBank product

If you don’t have a ClickBank product yet, head over to https://www.clickbank.com and sign up.

Be honest in the details you submit, don’t omit anything, and you should be approved right away.

Make sure to fill in the details correctly – ClickBank has some triggers that can put a block on your account if the information isn’t accurate.

Then just head over to the marketplace and select a product – Synapse XT in our case.

I usually go for the products that pay out more, usually over $100. This gives me room to experiment and play around and I found that the conversion rate is roughly the same across all products, so if you promote a higher-payout product, you just have more money to spend on ads.

Now that we selected a product, let’s move on to the next step in this tutorial on the quickest way to make money online with ClickBank!

Step 2: Create a tracking link

Tracking is absolutely important when doing any sort of marketing so that you can determine what works and what doesn’t.

To be more exact, what keywords, ads, ad groups, and so on convert the best.

This is why we are using ClickMagick, a third-party tracking software to help us find the winning factors.

However in addition to tracking, you cannot simply take your affiliate link and put it in the “final URL” spot in your ads.

Your ad will get instantly disapproved because the affiliate link is NOT the final URL that users land on – it’s simply the first link someone clicks on, but they land on a completely different page after that.

So we need to create a tracking link that will not only allow us to track our clicks and sales, but also to actually promote on Microsoft Ads and get credit for those sales.

👉 Sign up for your free ClickMagick 14-day trial: https://go.ivanmana.com/clickmagick

The process of creating a tracking link is pretty simple and I go through that step by step in this video, but basically you want to click on “Create New Link” under the “Links” tab at the top, and fill in the blanks – enter the link name, link “slug”, and the URL you want the link to redirect to, which is going to be our affiliate link.

You do however have to also set up ClickBank + ClickMagick tracking, and I cover that in this video:

👉 How to track ClickBank sales with ClickMagick: https://youtu.be/-w2gZ2TNeYE

That video will help you understand exactly why we do every step that we do.

After we set that up, we are ready to head over to the final step in this tutorial on the quickest way to make money online with ClickBank!

Step 3: Create Microsoft ads

Finally, the fun part. We are now ready to create our ads and promote on Microsoft Ads.

We are using Microsoft because they are the least strict when it comes to direct linking and are perfect for beginners.

So this is a great way to test the demand for your offer before you invest the time in building out a landing/thank you page/autoresponder sequence, and so on.

I don’t spend too much time going over every little detail, but I do go over everything you do need to create your campaign.

I do have very thorough and detailed courses that teach you everything you need to know about Microsoft Ads which I don’t cover here, so check them out here:

👉 Full step-by-step paid ad network courses: https://ivanmana.com/all-courses

But you would simply click some buttons, fill in the blanks, and have your campaign up and running in no time!

Make sure to split test ad variations and add long-tail keywords for the best results.

Set the bid at a conservative amount and then you can always come back and adjust the bid later on.

And that’s by far the quickest way to make money online with ClickBank!

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  2. I dont get it. Because you add the tracking template of clickmagick to your affiliate link, you will get rewarded when making a sale? You still direct the people that click on your add directly to synapsext own website right?

  3. Awesome Videos. I used your Clickmagick affiliate link, but sadly this method is not working. I did the exact steps and when I test the tracking template it shows "Page Not Found". Account Settings are ok, watched the Step-By-Step several times. Any ideas?

  4. How long do your campaigns typically last (are profitable)? I love love love your content and content from similar Youtubers showing us affiliate marketing, but I wonder… How many campaigns are these guys making, how many hours a day do they spend making these campaigns? Why do they constantly have to make so many new campaigns? You're so burned out that you found a hack to cut out some of your work, but you're still running ads on all these other platforms? Like, why can't you just run one campaign for a whole year and focus on scaling one campaign to the moon? Why do we need to implement so many different strategies?

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