RICHEST PERSON in History Shares 3 SUCCESS SECRETS – Jeff Bezos & Iman Gadzhi

RICHEST PERSON in History Shares 3 SUCCESS SECRETS – Jeff Bezos & Iman Gadzhi

Jeff Bezos has retired from Amazon. Here are three things he’s taught me.

The world’s first centi-billionaire is an eccentric megalomaniac – with a fondness for breaking conventions and challenging business norms.

In particular:

1. Communication. Bezos hates communication – or too much of it.
2. Decentralisation. Amazon is built in a decentralised manner, with small off-shoots and nimble divisions, able to act quickly and decisively.
3. Customer obsession. Amazon cares more about its customers than its competitors.

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Hey! If you’re new to the channel, my name is Iman Gadzhi.

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I also run a physical e-commerce clothing line – Gadzhi. Everything is bespoke and made in house. It’ the only range of clothes out there that represents the animalistic Entrepreneurial spirit while quite frankly… not looking cringe or being just another print on demand shopify store.

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