SEO Analysis #1 – Rotten Tomatoes

SEO Analysis #1 – Rotten Tomatoes

See what I would do to increase the organic search traffic for a popular website like Rotten Tomatoes.

In this new series, I’ll be analyzing websites from an SEO perspective and giving you actionable and practical advice that you can use for your own website (to grow your traffic).

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10 thoughts on “SEO Analysis #1 – Rotten Tomatoes”

  1. Hi Nathan, you're reading the comment of your brand new subscriber:)
    I like your tip about finding powerful pages on your site and adding links to them that point to your new page. Great stuff!
    I'd also like to say that internal links that come from highly relevant pages provide an even greater boost; Because they pass on classic PageRank, other link signals (link equity), and relevancy to boot. These three together make for a beast of an internal link!
    To find relevant pages just go to Google and type: "your keyword"
    Boom! πŸ™‚

  2. It’s great to see a site audit performed on a well known site that has tons of data to see samples of your analysis in action. What is your opinion of ahrefs vs semrush?

  3. Hey thanks for the video, pretty cool that you analyzed Rotten Tomatoes πŸ˜‰ About the internal linking from powerful to less powerful sites, doesn't this affect or reduce the power of the authority page on you website because you pass on some link juice to another one? Whats your top fix on page speed improvement: A theme, hosting or what would that be? Thanks again and have a great day. Florian

  4. Nathan, is having an exact match URL the better choice when it comes to choosing a URL?, for example like that rick and Morty URL that we saw was ranking pretty high with the big players in that niche

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