Shopify just dropped Game-Changing NEW Features! (Dropshipping & Ecommerce)

Shopify just dropped Game-Changing NEW Features! (Dropshipping & Ecommerce)

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10 thoughts on “Shopify just dropped Game-Changing NEW Features! (Dropshipping & Ecommerce)”

  1. That's all well and good, but what Shopify really needs to do is improve the performance of their editor. It completely sucks, and I don't say that lightly. It is so buggy I have spent hours correcting the issues that crop up doing the simplest things. Even entering a blog post that is formatted is nearly impossible, and when you pre-edit it in a text editor and upload it they go in and transmogrify it overnight into something that makes me, as a web developer, cringe, laugh, and cry all at the same time. I have formatted blog posts with the most elegant HTMlL complete with concise inline formatting, only to find the next morning that paragraphs have been turned into DIVS or spans (hard to figure out why they choose one over the other, and I see no consistency). Run a Lighthouse report and see how Google views their code. They aren't impressed either. That affects your site ranking yet you have no control over it.

    I'm an actual web developer, and I will never recommend Shopify to anyone, nor will I ever take on a Shopify site again. I have spent hours troubleshooting things that shouldn't be problems, hours I cannot always bill for, and their tech support is worse than bad. I used to think WordPress sucked from a development standpoint. I should have held my tongue because it doesn't even approach the level of frustration one encounters with Shopify. If anyone wants to see a movie of a blog post that changes EVERY TIME YOU HIT THE SAVE button, hit me up. I'll happily share it to prevent someone else from having the same trouble.

  2. Hi thanks again for the valuable content. I looked into the apps and I came across the app paywhirl. My question is: when is it applicable to use this app? I have a shoe store so there is no subscription…

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