Shopify Vs  Bigcommerce Unbiased Pros And Cons Review 2022

Shopify Vs Bigcommerce Unbiased Pros And Cons Review 2022

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In this video we are going to compare Shopify and Bigcommerce in 2018.

Shopify Pros:
1. Better and Cheaper Templates
2. Better Addons and Apps
3. Better Integration
4. Better Innovative Team

Bigcommerce Pros:
1. Better out of the Box
2. Real-Time Shipping Quotes
3. Slightly Better Abandon Cart Recovery

Shopify Cons:
1. You Need a lot of Apps and Addons
2. 2% Fee for 3rd party Payment Gateway

Bigcommerce Pros:
1. They Have Selling Limits
2. They Have Poor Support
3. They Have Poor Addons and Apps

1. $30 Basic Plan
2. Customizable Templates
3. Import/Export via .CSV

The Winner? Shopify!
So in 2018 in my opinion Shopify isstill the clear winner when it comes to finding an e-commerce hosting platform Shopify and big commerce are the same price but you get so much more with Shopify and that’s not it one of the biggest things to me is Shopify just seems to be on the leading edge they just seem to be a more forward-looking company and if I’m gonna be building a website I’m hoping to have it for 10 plus years I want to make sure I have a company on my side that’s very forward-looking that’s always trying to stay on the cutting and that is without a doubt Shopify as I mentioned at the beginning of the video I do have a link up here and down below if you do decide to go Shopify that will give you a free 14-day trial and if you use my link I get a small kickback from Shopify so as a thank you I will give you a one-on-one consultation session for free as I mentioned this is not a bias review because I also get the same amount of kickback from BigCommerce so if you want to go with big commerce feel free obviously I personally do not recommend it but for whatever reason you like some of the reasons I mentioned the video you might want to go with big commerce you can use the link up here or down below and you get the free 14-day trial plus you get the free one-on-one consulting session with me so links up there links down below
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  1. Travis one thing I’m not sure you are aware of is the relaxed rules on BigC compared to Shopify. As a knife company Shopify wouldn’t allow us to use their platform but BigCommerce welcomed our business. I’m sure this is probably true with several products. Just info!

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