Awesome Tool to Spy on Your Competitors Awesome Tool to Spy on Your Competitors

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Hello everyone!

In this video, we take a little break from our main affiliate marketing tools and go over an awesome website that can help us spy on our competitors –

Even as a free member, you can see how much traffic your competitors have generated for the past 3 months, where their traffic came from, what keywords they used, and what their rough conversion rate is!

This is a very common tool used in ‘funnel hacking’, where you go through your competitors funnels and determine what they use to generate their sales, what layout they have, and how successful they are. If they are doing something that is working extremely well, why not try it out yourself and see whether you can get the same results as them with this? Definitely worth a try!

Check it out yourself by just typing in in your web browser. You will be amazed by how much useful free information can be provided.

But beware, because your competitors can do the exact same search on you!

That’s it!

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10 thoughts on “ Awesome Tool to Spy on Your Competitors”

  1. Ivan. Have you tried the Similarweb Chrome extension? If you have, have you noticed that it currently has a glitch in it? I'm wondering if the extension has the glitch or perhaps it's my browser that has the glitch.

  2. Hey,
    Ivan Mana,
    your video is much helpful and also your way of explaining is good as well. Thanks a lot for keep updating us in SEO tactics.

    Looking for more videos from you in the coming days.

    As your videos are too worthful and helpful for us in Digital marketing world.


    A little recommendation I will do from my side to those who are looking or thinking to gain knowledge in SEO or complete Digital Marketing Course.


    How to know Website Traffic Source – SimilarWeb Tutorial (An overview)

  3. I don't understand for such a great website, similar web only brand it towards corporate account and research for competitors. What a waste of intense strength!

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