Skyrocket Your Close Rate & Client Results Using Relevance

Skyrocket Your Close Rate & Client Results Using Relevance

In this video, I talk about a very simple principle that holds so many social media marketing agency owners back from closing clients & getting existing clients results.

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10 thoughts on “Skyrocket Your Close Rate & Client Results Using Relevance”

  1. Hey Jordan, I'm just starting out, I live in Poland and China thought out the year and spend very little time in the UK.
    I have been running an e-commerce store for over 6 years and do all my SMM myself.

    I have found that I'm starting to really enjoy the marketing side of my business more than the product making.

    After watching your videos (started a week ago), I know I want to start an SMMA but not sure how I would be able to attend meetings if my prospects are in the UK and I'm all the way in China. What advice could you give me?
    I look forward to hearing from you…

    Your hair is looking awesome!

    How to pronounce the winners' name (Ag-nee-sehh-kuh) =

  2. Super valuable content! I don't know if this question has been asked already but here it is anyway:)
    Is there a possbility to integrate a leadpage/funnels data into a crm system? how is this done?

  3. Hey, Jordan, thanks for the content!
    About your videos – why don't you upload videos in 60fps? That would be a lot more pleasant to an eye.
    Still happy with what I learn (knew this before but good that you pointed it out), love your videos.

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