Social Media Management – Freelancing 101

Social Media Management – Freelancing 101

In this lesson, we will learn about the basics of Social Media Management.

There are lots of clients who are hiring for social media managers and marketers right now. Thus, it is very important for us, aspiring freelancers, to know about the following:

1. What Is Social Media Management?
2. The Different Roles of Social Media Engager, Social Media Manager, and Social Media Marketer
3. The Main Tasks of a Social Media Manager
4. Choosing a Social Media Platform
5. Creating and Optimizing Your Facebook Page
6. Scheduling Content Through Facebook Publishing Tools
7. Scheduling Content Through Hootsuite

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    0:01 Intro

    0:40 Video Content

    1:01 What Is Social Media Management?

    1:21 Social Media Engager vs Social Media Manager vs Social Media Marketer

    6:15 What Is KPI?

    7:54 Which Social Media Platform Is the Best to Use?

    11:50 Creating Social Media Account

    13:59 Creating and Optimizing a Facebook Page Tutorial

    49:13 Content Planning

    53:08 What to Consider When Creating Content?

    56:48 Scheduling Posts Through Facebook Publishing Tools

    1:00:06 Scheduling Social Media Content via Hootsuite

  2. Thank you so much, Romie! I really appreciate your step-by-step tutorials and your clear instructions. What I like the most is the topic on how to use Hootsuite, I just learned now another social media tool that can be very helpful to aspiring VAs like me. Again thank you and more power!

  3. Thanks for this video. As a freelancer how do you handle the social media accounts of your clients without using their password to sign in? How do you do this?

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