Spy On Your Competitor’s Ads (Facebook Update 2021)

Spy On Your Competitor’s Ads (Facebook Update 2021)

Spy On Your Competitor’s Ads (Facebook Update 2021)
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9 thoughts on “Spy On Your Competitor’s Ads (Facebook Update 2021)”

  1. Nice video . I use tools that are paid like this to show people what actually sells and what is working.awesome vid by the way only few choose to show people secret stuff like this.cheers

  2. Nice video. I like to incorporate SEMrush as one of the tools that i use when performing competitor analysis. I use it to help me find out where my competitors are placing their ads and how long they have been running certain ads and how they have performed

    Here is a link to the video for anybody interested in checking it out!

  3. Hi Jason

    Thanks for the highly informative video. A real value-add.

    One question. Say I find an FB ad for a dropshipping product with a high engaement. How do I find when the ad was launched first?


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