Surfer SEO Training: Achieve PERFECT On-Page SEO

Surfer SEO Training: Achieve PERFECT On-Page SEO

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Here’s the deal:

Many SEO tools have come-and-gone since 2013. Most we’re copycats, money-grabs, and nothing worth promoting. Surfer is different.

In fact:

Surfer is the most exciting SEO tool on the market right now.

It does a lot, but it excels on what particular part of SEO:

On-page SEO.

I’ve seen ridiculous results from simply executing the recommendations that Surfer suggests. It’s super powerful and that’s why I want to share this exclusive SEO training with you.

In this video, I’m going to show you exactly how to use Surfer to achieve perfect on-page SEO.

Trust me:

Once you use it, you’ll never go back.

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*Affiliate Disclaimer: I will receive a small commission when you sign up. I only promote products that I actually use and think are awesome. Promise.

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10 thoughts on “Surfer SEO Training: Achieve PERFECT On-Page SEO”

  1. question, would one go to surfseo first to get key words, write the content using the suggestions, then go back to surf seo with the content to see what it suggests to add or delete? as far as usage of words, density etc? or can this also be done before the content is written?

  2. Great video! About CVW, you can use lean wordpress themes and still get 100 score. Combination of WP rocket, cloudflare, good managed wp hosting can help you cross the green line

  3. Hi Nathan, I only just learned about Surfer SEO while I was sending a proposal on Upwork. The Poster mentioned that any work I would be submitting would be checked against this software. So I checked it out and found your video. Thank you, it convinced me that I should invest in it, and have decided to subscribe to you as well. Again Thank you.

  4. Hi Nathan, Cheers for this helpful video. One question though; you lost me at 07:55. You go from the detailed SERP analysis to Audit but because you blur out the screen I don't really know how you got there. Would you be able to explain? Thank you!

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