The 5 Most Powerful Facebook Advertising Tips

The 5 Most Powerful Facebook Advertising Tips

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In this Video I’m going to share with you my five most powerful Facebook ads tips and I’m releasing this video because in just two days my Facebook ads course by complete course is coming out you want more information on that you can click up here.

This video is going to be condensed down some of my favorite little snippets from the course obviously there’s more details in the course but all five of these tips are amazingly powerful and if you apply them can really skyrocket your Facebook game and I’m going to explain all these to you I might have to show some of these to you on the computer but I’ll explain all of them to you and I think it will really help so let’s get started like I said there’s five number four is my personal favorite one I think that’s the number one tip if you’re gonna take away anything from this that would be the number one thing well it’s good start with number one which is still very powerful and that is

1. Don’t send people to your homepage – this is such a big mistake I’d see so many people making this mistake where they pay for Facebook ads and they send people to their homepage now imagine this imagine you’re scrolling through Facebook and someone says hey I’ve got this product that’s amazing for you and you get sent straight to their homepage and you have to navigate it
2. You don’t need a huge budget- I think a lot of people don’t even start Facebook ads because they think they need this huge budget I’d say if you have $5 a day which is what I mean the common thing is a cup of coffee if you can afford a cup of coffee in one of those fancy Starbucks coffees then you can you could you can and probably should be running Facebook Ads of some kind and you know test it out make sure it makes sense for your company absolutely but you don’t need a massive budget all you really need is like a 10% often to start getting some good conversions which isn’t that hard to do so I would say that’s tip number two you don’t need a huge massive budget tip number three

3. Headlines and the image are like the most important thing – actually I’m going to stop it’s probably not the most important thing number four is the most important thing but as far as the ad comes spend a lot of time on the headlines and a lot of time on the image the rest of it the description not quite as important and you know in a future video I’ll do fact in the course I’ll probably go in depth and talk about all the cow to know I will talk about how to make a good image and I’ll talk about how to make a good title but the quick versions are you want something that doesn’t look like an

4. Targeting, Targeting, Targeting so that is the number one most important thing in my opinion on Facebook ads is targeting it’s kind of like if you can get it in front of the right person if your image is a little off or your headline is a little off that’s not that big of a deal there’s someone for instance from performance nut butter someone that’s really interested in this product is going to say I don’t care that the image quality isn’t that great and the headline didn’t catch my attention this product is so perfect for me I’m going

5. Retarget Retarget Retarget – I love retargeting ads in fact that’s the only kind of Facebook ad I do all year round with be dance where now the dance clothing company dance season is only eight months out of the year so those another four months I still do retargeting because it’s that powerful retargeting basically anytime someone comes to your website you show them an ad on Facebook now most people to go to your website probably also are on Facebook so you want to kind of want your advertisements to be everywhere and I’ve had people say that to me like wow I want to nuts at one time and your ads follow me around everywhere how do you do that that’s part of it Facebook advertising is a huge part of it that is so much easier to make profitable than any other type of Facebook ad and also I’m going to add to this people that you run Facebook ads to you should retarget them so if you let’s say
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  1. No 4 is definitely the most important thing in fb ad, and yes I do wish I can pay someone to run them or look over my shoulder to tell me if I've got the right audiences for my products 🙁

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