The Best iOS 14 Facebook Ads Pixel Solution in 2022 – Triple Whale Shopify Tutorial

The Best iOS 14 Facebook Ads Pixel Solution in 2022 – Triple Whale Shopify Tutorial

In today’s video, I present to you the best solution to IOS-14’s Facebook Ad tracking issues in 2022.

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🌟 The Best iOS 14 Pixel Tracking Solution in 2022 – Triple Whale Shopify Tutorial

Since Apple released its IOS 14.5 update at the start of 2021.

iPhone users have been greeted with a popup that gives them the opportunity to opt-out of third-party app tracking.

Now since then, marketing agencies and e-com stores have been losing their heads and treating iOS14 with unjustified levels of hysteria.

The real truth is, there are many solutions to this problem and all the best advertisers use third-party pixels and tracking tools to fill in the gaps.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve worked through pretty much all of them, paying up to $5k per month in some cases.

But I’m not going to lie… I was never really happy with any of these solutions.

Until I found one that actually works… AND, it costs about the same as a new pair of trainers.
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