The BUDGET Smart Home Setup – DIY Upgrades + Tour 2022

The BUDGET Smart Home Setup – DIY Upgrades + Tour 2022

Here’s my smart home transformation and tour after collecting smart home devices for the last couple years. It was time to get more intentional with the smart home functionality, automation and design in this apartment so in this video I go through the new smart home setup. The BUDGET Smart Home Setup – DIY Upgrades + Tour 2022

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10 thoughts on “The BUDGET Smart Home Setup – DIY Upgrades + Tour 2022”

  1. I appreciate that you are concerned with Aesthetics. Aesthetics and Budget are not always on the same ship. Is a $149 shower valve a true budget value? Aqara Zigbee will work on some other system. Sorry, not my cup of Joe!

  2. Nice setup! But this it's definitely not a solution on a budget. And it's definitely not good from a security standpoint. 20 Hue Bulbs are around $1,500 alone. And if the system is communicating with the outside world, it isn't safe either. Google and Amazon are collecting a lot of personal data. Also, I would recommend not to use WiFi on cameras because they can easily be hacked into from right outside of your home.

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