The END Of Digital Marketing Agency… (& SMMA)

The END Of Digital Marketing Agency… (& SMMA)

The END Of Digital Marketing Agency… (& SMMA)
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10 thoughts on “The END Of Digital Marketing Agency… (& SMMA)”

  1. Bro, I literally clicked over from your other video that says if you charge them $1.5k/mo and they are making $9k/sale, then the deal is a no brainer for both. I was all excited. Now you must not be fulfilling on the 4 of 5 clients in this video since they are dropping after 3 months. All you'd have to do is get them 1 sale in 3 months to break even.

    Sounding like your last video might have been a bit hypey, or you are promoting this new model as a way to make more and do less. Doesn't sound results driven tho. I think you're going a bit crazy promoting too many courses and now contradicting your past advice.

  2. As a marketer, pls think from my perspective: I have just found your channel through this video, where you are trying to convey the message that there is a new business model. Meanwhile, you keep saying β€œsoftware” without even mentioning what kind of software is that, that would be able to substitute you as a marketer. So all I have after watching the video, as a first time viewer is everything but clarity.
    What software are you talking about? Why is it valuable for the client?
    Sorry, but I’m just confused…

  3. What do you think of a digital marketing agency that runs a combination of both styles so it fits any and every business whatever their financial or their time status is

  4. I signed up through your affiliate bullshit and been waiting weeks and trying to contact you to get all the promised templates. Very annoying, and I’m getting sick of seeing your face at this point.

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