The End Of Facebook Ads?! (iOS 14 Update)

The End Of Facebook Ads?! (iOS 14 Update)

๐Ÿ˜ฑ The End Of Facebook Ads 2021?! (Apple iOS 14 Update)

Facebook Ads and Apple iOS 14 changes are coming in early 2021.

You and your clients might be wondering whatโ€™s going on with the Apple iOS update notification that is showing up at the top of most Ads Managers right now.

What will these Facebook Ads and Apple iOS 14 changes really mean for advertisers?

How will iOS 14 affect Facebook Ads in 2021?

In today’s video, me and Tom (One of our Facebook Ad Account Specialists at will be walking you through ways advertisers can prepare for these upcoming changes.

This video will also cover everything we know to date on how iOS 14 will affect your Facebook Ads in 2021.

Apple iOS 14 & Its Affects On Facebook Ads: />


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10 thoughts on “The End Of Facebook Ads?! (iOS 14 Update)”

  1. It scares me that an agency owner says "so little is changing" while the entire attribution, tracking and optimization of facebook ads will be affected by this. Also, you don't seem to really grasp the concept of the notification Apple will put in front of you. It won't just be another cookie notification and studies have already shown that 66 to 75 percent of people will opt out. I really do like your content but it seems to me that you should get more informed on this…

  2. Well actually these changes ain't affect negatively whoever advertise on Desktop or already has previous date for the product he sells as these changes will be considered as nothing happened to Facebook to whoever advertise on Desktop for conversions purposes.

  3. He hasnโ€™t got a clue what heโ€™s talking about.

    Majority of the Ads are converted on Desktop? Please tell me youโ€™ve researched this before making such a silly assumption.

    Nobody uses desktop anymore.

  4. What kind of idiot opps in for tracking omg literally it's a no brainer
    It's a good thing thay dont make human size mouse trapes these pepole would be doomed

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