The Facebook Pixel Is Dead (do THIS NOW) | Apple iOS 14.5 Update

The Facebook Pixel Is Dead (do THIS NOW) | Apple iOS 14.5 Update

The Facebook Pixel Is Dead (do THIS NOW) | Apple + Facebook iOS 14.5 Update
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10 thoughts on “The Facebook Pixel Is Dead (do THIS NOW) | Apple iOS 14.5 Update”

  1. I'm totally new. Trying to figure out how to run ads and got the notification that I must respond to two tasks. Should I just not worry any more about pixels and the one I have on my funnel?

  2. Hey, I’m wondering if someone could help?

    Ok here’s the thing, when I’m running a Conversion campaign I have my Conversion Event set to “purchases”
    Everything is all set up correctly in the Events manager to keep up to date with the new IOS 14 changes.

    But here’s the problem…

    I’m having an issue when it comes to tracking my purchases that are made from PayPal.
    You see, Facebook isn’t able to pick up PayPal payments because of the delay time during the Paypal payment confirmation window…
    are clicking off before being redirected back to my Order Complete page,
    which has the tracking info required for Facebook to track.

    So in a nutshell, I’m only getting data for purchases coming back from
    stripe payments and losing out on the metrics of PayPal orders.
    So any advice would be appreciated on how I can get around this issue.

  3. Hello Jason

    Question: What about instead of putting your website URL, use a different discount code link for each ad you do. When that discount code shows up on that order automatically, then you know it was from that specific ad. Hope that makes sense. Let me know if that is a good idea.

  4. Hi, I'm creating a campaign in Facebook add and got this message under CONVERSION EVENT '' This event hasn’t been prioritized for iOS 14.5. Ad sets using this event may not be delivered to people who opt out of tracking on iOS 14.5 or later devices'' Can you please tell me how do I fix it I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much

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