The “Lazy” Way to Promote ClickBank Products on Google Ads (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

The “Lazy” Way to Promote ClickBank Products on Google Ads (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Want to learn how to make money online with ClickBank on Google Ads?

Watch this video as I show you the lazy way to promote ClickBank products on Google Ads that requires the least amount of work from you to start seeing results.

Table of contents:

0:00 – Introduction
1:33 – Getting started
4:35 – Creating the Google Ads campaign

Step 1: Select your ClickBank product

This lazy way approach works for ANY product, ClickBank or not.

However the first step here is to select your product.

If you’re not sure how to find a winning offer, I cover that in my previous video here:

👉 How to find winning ClickBank products:

Select a product (ideally using metrics discussed in the video) and that should be it for that part.

Step 2: Create a landing page

You cannot direct link on Google Ads – that will get your account potentially banned.

Instead, you have to create a landing page as I do in this video:

👉 How to create a 52.68% conversion rate landing page in Unbounce from scratch:

You don’t have to use Unbounce – you can use ANY landing page builder. But the point is that you do need to create a landing page, no matter how you do it.

Once you do that and link people to your affiliate offer, it’s time to actually create the Google Ads campaign.

Step 3: Creating the Google Ads campaign

The last step is of course to create your Google Ads campaign using the lazy method.

I cover how to do that in my course or other videos. But if you want a comprehensive video showing you every single step involved in creating a successful campaign, you would want to take a look at my training:

👉 Take some of my training courses:

That said, just fill in the blanks and enter some keywords. Definitely use the keyword planner to get some good keyword ideas as well.

Now the key is once we get to the ad stage.

This is where you have to use a little trick called dynamic keyword insertion.

This will make your life so much easier if you have a bunch of keywords and don’t want to create separate ad groups for all of them, at least when starting out.

It’s also a great way to just test your campaign and see how well it does before taking the time to do very thorough keyword research and splitting the keywords up.

So what you’re going to do is type in {Keyword} and select the first option that will come down in the dropdown.

The best place to put this is probably in headline 1 because that’s the very first thing people see after typing in a search term, however you can put it anywhere you want to.

We also add this in the headline 2, headline 3, the URL path, description 1 and/or 2.

What this does is substitute your headline part 1 text with the keyword that triggered your ad to show up.

So you can imagine how useful this can be – if you have a lot of keywords that don’t really relate to one another, you don’t have to now create separate ads for all of them under separate ad groups.

You can just create the one ad group using this dynamic keyword insertion tool and the keyword will automatically show up in your headline part 1.

You also have to add the “Default text” – and this is what will show up as the text in case your keyword doesn’t fit in the space allotted.

This is especially useful if you have words before or after the keyword, which can make it so that your total length of that part of the ad exceeds the limit, ie. 30 characters for the headline, or 90 for the descriptions.

If you are adding words before or after the keyword, just make sure they will make sense when combined with the keyword.

This is what will make your ads super relevant while doing the least amount of work.

When using this approach, you also want to make sure that all your keywords will make sense and actually do talk about what you offer.

So you want to just quickly go through the list of your keywords and make sure they make sense.

And that is the “lazy” way to promote ClickBank products on Google Ads!

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  1. hey , i have maxbounty account but i dont have any money to spend on the ads … 🙁 i have fired from work 3 months ago in my country is hard to find a new job … i start at maxbounty 2 months ago and got only $88 and from that i did not make any and i rly need to make fast till the end of this month $10000 to not geting me out of my house … how can i make so fast this money with the maxbounty but like i sayed i dont have any money to spend on ads 🙁 i`m rly broke and soon i will be homeless to please help me with some advice….

  2. I am from India. So much helpfull video for me. I am waiting for this. Sir i have a question, pls. Answer that my clickbank payment statas show CDR,
    What does it mean?

  3. Thanks a lot for your videos! Can you please tell me it is possible to put a link on the landing page to the clickbank? Will Google get banned for clickbank links? I see that you have email collection forms everywhere on your landing page, but as I understand it, you still need to be able to sell via email, but I still can't do that.

  4. Hi Ivan, Hope you are well ..
    You touched on something I've always been curious about.
    Does creating a landing page, without the need to capture an email (so they just need to hit a button to go to the offer) does this work as well or better than capturing an email, in your opinion?

  5. I am planning to start affiliate marketing with clink bank.. how much budget do I need to promote affiliate products? basically I am from India.. could you please tell me.. monthly budget idea?

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