The NINJA Way to Promote ClickBank Products on Google Ads | Make Money Online

The NINJA Way to Promote ClickBank Products on Google Ads | Make Money Online

Google is very strict on some affiliate marketing products, especially when it comes to weight loss products on ClickBank. Do you want to learn how to promote these products so that Google won’t even see you coming, like a NINJA?

Watch this video to the end to learn the simple step-by-step approach to making money online with Google Ads and ClickBank the NINJA way.

✔ Super beginner-friendly
✔ No experience required
✔ No tech skills needed
✔ Don’t have to spend money on anything other than ads
✔ You can start right away

Have you ever wanted to promote the top ClickBank offers on Google Ads but couldn’t because you were afraid of getting banned?

Well now you can without being afraid of that.

Watch the video in full to see exactly how you can do this yourself as well.

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11 thoughts on “The NINJA Way to Promote ClickBank Products on Google Ads | Make Money Online”

  1. Yes . This is another way I was looking at while promoting a while back. People don't like long videos so I did not bother. Amazon is another way to sell these products. Not as an affiliate but as your own store.

  2. I have promoted Tao of Rich in the past.Converts really good.I will definitely try promoting it again using this amazing native blog kinda strategy.Another great video ivan. You rule !!!!

  3. If you are reading this just remember don’t give up on your channel as soon as you give up. You loose a lot of progress that you could have made. Stay in the grind

  4. Hi Ivan, can you be profitable running ads to landing page without e-mail sign up in 2021? Or is it neccessary to have e-mail signup to be profitable? Thank you

  5. Hey Ivan! In you're opinion what will be the conversation rate of brand bidding on buy intent keywords like for example biofit buy, biofit where to buy, biofit price you named it. Is it better to target only the buy intent keywords or it's not that much of a difference if we target the product name on broad match. I'm talking about traffic from the United States using bing ads. Do you think it's realistic like one of every five clicks to convert if the keyword is [product name] buy?

  6. Hi! Ivan, I saw on your site where your wrote "click here" before the link that takes you to the sales page, wouldn't google shut down your ads account for that? because there policy states you should not do that.

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