The SEO Weekly – Episode 19 – Page Experience for Desktop GSC Measurement

The SEO Weekly – Episode 19 – Page Experience for Desktop GSC Measurement


Host: Garrett Sussman | Demand Generation Manager at iPullrank

In this week’s episode, we cover Google’s reports for measuring Page Experience on Desktop, a massive Googlebot crawl spike on Jan. 12th, ASMR for SEO, paywall content and SEO, link-building strategies, and Semrush purchasing Backlinko.

Links from the weekly recap:

Google Updates:

(0:43)Search Console now has a dedicated ‘Desktop’ section in the Page Experience report.

(1:18) 8 Google Developer Resources that SEOs MUST Read

(2:02) Some Sites Seeing Massive Crawl Spikes From Googlebot

Twitter Threads/Tweets:

(2:22) Dr. Marie Haynes identified crawling spikes for her clients.

(3:49) Paywalled content and SEO by Antoine Eripret

(5:22) Prompts for Conference Talks – Sophie Gibson:

General SEO:

(7:58) Here’s ASMR for SEO but it’s just me reading the webmaster guidelines

(9:11) Link Building Tactics That Actually Work by Debbie Chew

(12:10) SEO and Agile Iterations – Adam Gent
Technical SEO Articles:

(13:52) Jason Barnard’s BRAND SERPs book

(14:35) HTTP Status Codes: The Complete List


(15:51) Why my Page Doesn’t Rank [Better or At All]? – Aleyda Solis

(16:15) Semrush acquires Backlinko


(16:56) Using Data the Right Way ft Mordy Oberstein

Navigating the Modern Remote Workplace ft Ruth Burr Reedy

WEBINAR – Year 2: How the Pandemic Continues to Impact Search Demand Recovery

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