The Strange World of Creepy YouTube Ads

The Strange World of Creepy YouTube Ads

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10 thoughts on “The Strange World of Creepy YouTube Ads”

  1. I saw and reported an very low budget ad featuring an older American or Canadian man promoting a "teen mostly" social media platform like FB called teentakes I think. Not the journalism stuff. Something like that. Anyone else see that one, or have any info on what the deal is? I have not found the site.

  2. anyone have a link to the Childens Church yt channel? i remember a video saying something was coming in 2022 but i lost the link to the channel

  3. So I had this weird low key disturbing experience with a yt ad. Has anyone else seen it? So basically back in the day I'd sleep with music on (I've gotten premium since) and of course ads would come up a lot. So I was sleeping but this heavy metal, intense music woke me up. When I saw my phone to see or change the ad/music I saw it was like an hour and a half long "ad" that had these creepy images and kind of creepy/crazy music. There was like Jeff the killer images and other things involving blood and it really freaked me out. I know I was groggy but it was definitely an ad not a video because I pressed the skipped ad button. It was also very early in the morning like 2 or 3 am. Never seen anything like it since, or such a long ad for that matter again.
    Anyone ever see this specific one?

  4. The YT ads I find most disturbing (& they are CONSTANTat the moment!) are the endless promos for non-scientific health solutions, based on claims like "diabetes has nothing to do with diet or genetics" or "eyesight has nothing to do with your eyes". They're complete lies and frankly, the fact they're allowed to publish this kind of medical misinformation without getting hit by some kind of legal penalty just blows my mind 🤯

  5. I once (and only once) got an "ad" that was a security camera filming a girl falling into a broken empty elevator (and maybe dying in the process)

    I was very young when I first saw it. And little innocent me though that there would be someone Saving the girl at the last second. But I was wrong. I instead just saw a girl walking right to her (maybe) doom.

    I got some trauma from that tbh. 😬

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