Thrive Themes: How to Create a Landing Page From Scratch (52.68% Conversion Rate)

Thrive Themes: How to Create a Landing Page From Scratch (52.68% Conversion Rate)

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How to install Thrive Themes on your WordPress site?

This video tutorial shows you everything you need to know in order to install Thrive Themes Shapeshift theme builder to your WordPress website.

Haven’t installed WordPress yet?

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Haven’t installed Thrive Themes yet?

👉 See this video to learn how to install Thrive Themes:

In this video, I build out a landing page from scratch with you using Thrive Themes.

This is a landing page with an average conversion rate of 52.68% that we already built out using Unbounce, and can now build out using Thrive Themes as well.

Thrive Themes is an excellent WordPress plugin that allows you to build out high-converting landing pages and websites within WordPress.

WordPress generally has a very high learning curve, but Thrive Themes makes it much easier to learn and master.

If you like the simplicity of use with Unbounce or ClickFunnels, then you’ll definitely like Thrive Themes as it’s also a drag and drop builder and allows you to easily build out your pages.

You simply drag and drop elements from the right-hand side by clicking the little “plus” sign, select what you want to add, and drag it in.

Then on the left-hand side you will be able to style the element, such as add boldness/italic/underline, change the font size, color, type, etc…

This is where you will also be able to re-arrange the elements based on the margins and padding that you alter.

Padding is the distance between the specific thing that you are editing (like text) and the border of the box within the same element.

Margin is the distance between one element and the next.

This might take a little of bit getting used to, but Thrive Themes is definitely much easier than using standalone WordPress.

In this video, we mainly use the image, text, button, email submit form and logo elements, but there are many other elements you can use, such as the countdown timer that will really stand out and help you convert.

The cool part is that this is 100% integrated with your WordPress website, so you can easily create a landing page and an entire funnel using Thrive Themes and then just integrate all the parts together.

Once you are done building out the page, simply head back into your “pages” and change the page title as well as the slug if you want to.

If you want to make this your home page, simply head over to “customize”, and under “homepage”, select the name of the new page you just created and make that the homepage.

In the upcoming videos I will be going over email integrations, split testing, and so on, so stay tuned.

Did you want me to cover anything with Thrive Themes? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll work on getting those videos done!

That’s it!

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