TikTok Ads FULL Beginners Guide in 20 Minutes (PROFITABLE TikTok Ads)

TikTok Ads FULL Beginners Guide in 20 Minutes (PROFITABLE TikTok Ads)

Full free TikTok Ads course to learn step-by-step how to setup and use TikTok Ads to grow your TikTok account and/or business and profitable sales in 20 minutes for beginners. TikTok Ads FULL Beginners Guide in 20 Minutes (Profitable TikTok Ads)

Watch, bookmark, learn, build and scale up! 💪

0:00 – Introduction
0:51 – Why Should You Use TikTok Ads
2:43 – Examples of Winning TikTok Ads
5:19 – TikTok Account Setup
7:02 – TikTok Pixel Setup
10:12 – Setting Up TikTok Ads
21:18 – Bonus Tips

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In this video, you’ll learn everything you need to know to setup your first EFFECTIVE TikTok Ads and get the results you want – how to create winning ads, social proof, get lots of engagement and shares then convert them into profitable traffic bringing in customers and leads to your business and store.

Watch me start from scratch and build a TikTok Ads account and build the ads alongside you. This guide is up to date for 2021 and TikTok is a platform worth exploring.

I’ve spent 8 figures in ad spend over the last few years and have worked as a Senior Digital Marketing Manager and now consult large brands on their digital marketing strategy. I want to share some of this knowledge free to beginners, so I created this long tutorial so beginners are able to boost their business with TikTok ads and hope this helps you.
Watch along, bookmark this video and continue to follow along as you build your profitable ads with me. Make sure you share your results with me! Enjoy and thanks for watching!


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  1. Hi Andrew, i would like ask – i already have an account in tiktok for my brand but its not a business account, so do i have to create new business account or can use the same id ? can it be turned in to a business account ?

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