Top 10 Mistakes on YouTube 2020 (when starting a channel)

Top 10 Mistakes on YouTube 2020 (when starting a channel)

In this video, I talk about the top 10 YouTube mistakes made by new channels.

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So what are the top 10 mistakes new YouTubers make? These are 10 that I made and have seen others make when starting out as a YouTube creator
Top YT newcomer mistakes:

Uploading too soon – if you are not ready to upload the video, go back and re-film or re-edit the video to make it a as perfect as possible.

Too many small tags and in too broad of categories
Spammy comments and links to attract viewers
Engagement is good though
Joining for the wrong reason
Do not rush it – make sure your videos are high quality and correct info
Don’t sell out or monetize too soon
Audio quality – need good audio or else nobody will watch your video
Video (location, background, quality)
Try to buy likes, subscribers, and comments
Eye contact with the camera – treat it like a friend, not a camera, not a teleprompter, and not a mirror
Clickbait or immitating
Not engaging with your audience – ask them questions and be their friends


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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Mistakes on YouTube 2020 (when starting a channel)”

  1. Nice Video! These tips have really helped me out making my first video about why I’m not going to college!
    Here are the video chapters if anyone needs them 🙂
    0:33 – 1. Uploading too soon
    1:56 – 2. Using the wrong tags or too many tags
    2:34 – 3. Being too spammy with your comments
    3:24 – 4. Joining for the wrong reasons
    3:48 – 5. Content Quality
    5:44 – 6. Purchasing Engagement
    6:28 – 7. Eye Contact
    7:09 – 8. Publish Irregularly
    7:27 – 9. Clickbaiting
    8:03 – 10. Engage with your Audience

  2. That's exactly right all these tips.
    I myself am guilty of making all 10 of these mistakes.
    On my 1st channel I made 700 videos full of all the errors you're mentioning here. Now I finally know why I wasn't getting anywhere.
    I've deleted the old channel.
    I'll try again with a new channel eventually.
    Thank Dude for helping

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