Top Ecommerce Platform Shopping Cart Review

Top Ecommerce Platform Shopping Cart Review

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In this video we’re going to do a complete review and talk about what ecommerce shopping cart is right for you so there are a lot of shopping carts out there but most of them are outdated not built for e-commerce or just lacking vital features that you need in your business so that leads us with just these three right here so we have Shopify, Bigcommerce and WooCommerce so first off right off the bat I got to tell you there is a difference between hosted and upholstered shopping carts so Shopify and big commerce are very similar they’re both hosted shopping carts which is what you want a self-hosted shopping cart means that you need to either host it on your own computer or your own server or that you need to buy a third-party server which is much more common so you might need to buy Bluehost to run WooCommerce but let’s first off let’s look at Shopify and BigCommerce and compare the two very similar platforms except for in my opinion Shopify is much better it has better templates it’s easier to use much easier to use in my opinion better add-ons and plugins that go right into it and on top of that BigCommerce has a limit if you sell too much you actually get bumped up to the next here so let’s eliminate big commerce from this so now we’re left with really Shopify in WooCommerce and before I go any further I do have links up here and down below in the show notes Shopify bigcommerce both if you use these lengths you get a free -day trial or if you want to go with WooCommerce you are going to have to pay for Bluehost a hosting service so you can use those links up here but for now let’s go back into Shopify versus WooCommerce so let’s start off talking about Shopify so Shopify is built for e-commerce which is really important if that’s what you’re trying to do if you’re trying to build an e-commerce shopping platform you’re going to want something that’s built from the ground up specifically for those needs

3d cart
Yahoo Small Business
But most of them are outdated
Not Built For E-commerce
Or just lacking vital features
But We are only going to focus on the top 3 platforms and from there determine which one is the best for you! Make all the logos disappear except


If you are looking to get started with any of these you can sign up using my link and I will give you will I will give you a free one on one consultation and Shopify and Bigcommerce offer a 14-day free trial
So which one should you Pick
We are going to go in depth in this video on the pros and cons of each but let’s make this easy
Shopify for most people is my go-to choice
Shopify and Bigcommerce are very similar, they are both hosted shopping carts (explain this) Woocommerce is self-hosted, you need to pay for hosting
But out of the two Shopify is way better, it has better templates, more add-ons etc., If you want to know more about this I have a video here where I compare the two
So let’s compare Shopify vs Woocommerce
In short, Shopify is better in my opinion if you are a serious seller and selling physical products, it integrates better, better add-ons etc.
However, Woocommerce has some big advantages
Woocommerce is free, except you have to pay for hosting and some add ons that you get included with Shopify, it’s easier for people to hack, not as good looking themes,
Woocommerce might make sense if you plan on having multiple small sites, blogs etc. because in that case you will need to pay for hosting anyways
I prefer bluehost because xyz
So if you are on the fence my opinion is go with shopify
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  1. I a wholesale re-seller for a large company. I had freelogoservices make a product web page. I am not happy with it since it's built using Weebly. The had trouble linking to my Payment Tech for CC authorization [ via] but after months they figured it out. My manufacturer has great web page and they will allow us to replicate it using our name as a DBA. They just offered to allow us to link to their site so that an order placed on my site would go to their site for the order fulfillment part. We can change Payment tech to split the charges to us and the payments to the MFG. My question is 1. do we need to rebuild the site using Shopify, and 2. is there a way to make the link to the MFG site so that is seamless to the customer? I do not know on what platform the Mfg operates, but I can find out.

  2. I would like to sell PDFs of my published music. It would involve having a listening link, a link to see the music, and then dropping the pdf into the cart, for sale. Can I do that in Shopify? I used them years ago, but am restarting. I know you said Woo for digital, but you also said it’s very technical.

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