Top Three Online Businesses to start in 2022… (Easy + Beginner Friendly)

Top Three Online Businesses to start in 2022… (Easy + Beginner Friendly)

Want to start an online business? In this video, I cover the three best online businesses to start in 2022. These are three online businesses that are beginner-friendly and easy.

The first one I cover starting an agency. This could be a social media marketing agency (SMMA), a design agency, a Facebook ad agency, an SEO agency, an email marketing agency, a google ads agency, a content agency, a creative agency or a development agency.

The second online business I talk about is eCommerce, specifically Shopify dropshipping and Amazon FBA.

The third online business model I cover is cryptocurrency.

In this video I cover each online businesses advantages, disadvantages, what key things you need to do on a daily basis to get results and what type of person you need to succeed.

These are all things most gurus do not cover as they typically have some course to sell you. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some of their courses are awesome and I’ve personally learned a lot from people like Iman Ghadzi, Jordan Platten, Jason Wardrop and Kai Bax but of course, they’re going to be a little biased compared to someone who has nothing to sell you.

I personally run an agency that does over 6 figures in sales monthly. And while that does make me slightly biased I do my best to be as brutally honest about my life as an agency owner.

There are perks but there are also disadvantages, the same goes for the other business models. But the same thing holds true for any online business owner. But at the end of the day, it’s all about you and what you do to overcome any limitation that is thrown at you.

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