Turn $5/day into 700 Instagram followers (Real Followers)

Turn $5/day into 700 Instagram followers (Real Followers)

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It is no secret that the Instagram algorithm is ever-changing and it is becoming increasingly harder to grow your Instagram page organically

In this video, I show you exactly how you can guarantee to get 700-1000 followers from a $5/day ad campaign

I show you step by step how you can be in complete control of the number of followers you get per day and how you will never have to worry about where the next follower/influx of followers will come from because you will be in complete control of your business/personal pages growth

We achieve this by creating a ‘tap’ in which we can turn on and generate an influx of followers and simply turn off when we don’t want anymore/want to stop for a period of time

In this video, I show you how to create the ‘tap’

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