Tutorial // Google Analytics Referral Spam

Tutorial // Google Analytics Referral Spam

Learn 4 quick techniques for cleaning up Google Analytics referral spam.

You’ll learn how to apply an include filter to only include your website’s own traffic in reports. Plus creating a source filter to remove fake referrals, using a language filter to remove spam from the languages report and how to enable the default bot filtering.


Open source spam list: https://github.com/ddofborg/analytics-ghost-spam-list/blob/master/adwordsrobot.com-spam-list.txt

Blog post covering these techniques: https://www.lovesdata.com/blog/google-analytics-spam

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8 thoughts on “Tutorial // Google Analytics Referral Spam”

  1. Thanks Ben, this was hugely helpful. It was great to find a video from you as I knew straight away it would be excellent and helpful information, given all your Google Certification training videos that I watched earlier this year. Kind regards, Mike

  2. Does this just prevent me from getting any more data from these referral spam URLs or will this also clean up any instance of the referral in the past inside GA reporting?

  3. Hey Benjamin, thank you for this video. If you use this spam-referrer-list in your description from the github repo, how can I make full use quickly without escaping every single hostname? It's just unusable in this format. Is there some trick? thank you, Malte 🙂

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